Monday, November 30, 2009

Hair Issues: Can I be pretty with natural hair?

This blog was prompted by looking at pictures of my long permed hair, then looking at my hair—especially the roots—in its current state. I gotta be honest y’all: I don’t feel pretty.

I’ve always known that I was not “pretty” in the conventional sense. I will never be thin and light-skinned, and I've always been okay with that. But I always had the long thick hair. That was my one "redeeming quality" as far as looks. (Well, that and my tits, but that's neither here nor there at the moment!) The first thing people complimented me on was my hair; I was always known as the “girl with the pretty hair.” When I was debating whether to cut it, I was even told, “guys aren’t gonna like you with short hair.” I know, I shoulda just shanked her. LOL But I went ahead and cut it, partially to prove her wrong. Maybe I was too optimistic, thought people weren’t really that shallow. But now I think that maybe I was wro- wroooo- My fingers refuse to type that. Maybe she was right. I’ve noticed the difference in how much I’m approached (actually, I haven’t been approached at all since cutting my hair…) And that kinda has me weirded out about whether I should actually go natural. Yeah yeah, I know the way I see myself shouldn’t be affected by how much I’m approached, but right now it kinda is. (I’m in a vulnerable state, don’t judge me. LOL)

So I’m looking at my hair right now and it’s horrible. The permed part refuses to do anything. Wrapping doesn’t work. Rolling doesn’t work. Flat ironing doesn’t last. The newgrowth is just puffy and dull, even though I’ve been moisturizing and conditioning it like crazy. And the little voice in my head is saying "Just perm it. At least you'll be able to sling your hair like you used to. Remember how it used to moooove? Remember how it used to shiiiiine? We can have that again!"

I’m frustrated. And scared. I know it’s “just hair” but as far as looks, that’s what I’ve been known for! If the one thing that was always perfect is turning on me…. Well, then what?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Back!

It's been a little while since I've posted here, but I am slowly making my return! As I stated before, I will be posting some interviews with some stylists, as well as some friends in regards to their hair care regime (permed and natural), attitudes concerning black hair, their transition, etc. That will be coming very soon and I am excited about it!

In the meantime, here's what's been up with me:

I've found my style inspiration. I would love it if my hair turned out like this, but I have a feeling it won't... Fortunately I was told that I could get a sew-in to get this look! (In my ignorance of weaves and whatnot, I did not know they made weave that wasn't straight *shrug*)

I have been thinking about doing the big chop, but I dunno if I'm gonna go through with it. I don't think I'm quite that brave just yet... But if/when I do, I will more than likely get baby curl twists. I don't see myself rocking the TWA. Not that confident!

Speaking of my hair, guess I'll share some pix. It's been just a little over four months. I can see some growth!

If you look closely at the last pic, you can see the little curls starting to form! Here is my second attempt at flat ironing my hair. The first one resulted in stick-straight pieces of hair that had to be deep conditioned :-/

I saw this video and thought it was soooo cool! I wouldn't mind this if I did the BC, but I wouldn't want locs permanently so I dunno if this would actually be for me. But just watch!

I found a product that I absolutely LOVE! i dunno how to do a product review (LOL) but I'll try. The product is Optimum 3-in-1 creme oil moisturizer. It has coconut, olive, avocado and jojoba oil. I massage it into my scalp and on my newgrowth to provide moisture. It wasn't too heavy for my hair, which was a concern since it is a cream and appeared to be rather rich/heavy in my hand. I was surprised to find that it also made detangling my hair a lot easier! A win all the way around for me.

Okay, so that's all the catching up I have in me! I still want suggestions for new posts, questions to ask in my interviews, etc! You can leave them in the comments or email me at

Later folks!