Blog Love

My blogroll is HUGE. Out of control. I am *deep sigh* a Blog Hoarder. Since my blogroll is ridiculous, I figured a dedicated blog love page was in order. I follow a ton of hair & beauty blogs. Plus, there are a lot of other great blogs about a wide variety of topics: business, African-American interests/concerns, relationships, you name it!

I didn't include the blogs I follow that haven't been updated in a couple of months, but you can find those here. I don't have the heart to write them off just yet (what if they post something next week and I miss it?) but I don't want to send you to something a year old! Anyway, here goes...

The “Good” Hair Blog (and NO I didn’t bite her name! Great minds…)

One day I may be gracious enough to try to categorize all of these... Lawd, what an undertaking! I'll be updating this periodically (i.e. whenever I get the time and it crosses my mind). And I'll be adding some of the Tumblrs I follow as well. 

Speaking of  Tumblr, I have a Tumblr for those days when I just want to add pix (if you blog on Blogger, you know that sometimes it can be a pain posting multiple pix, especially if you're mobile). So check out The Good Hair Photos!