Get Featured!

As much as I love talking about myself, it can get a little repetitive and mundane, doncha think? There's only so much I can do or say in a given period of time--I've only got one head of hair! But there are sooo many others out there with stories to share! (Ha, I made a rhyme...)

So what do I need from my wonderful readers? I need help! If you have any of the following, I WANT YOU!
  • Transition story 
  • product rave
  • product rant
  • product recipe
  • stories about why you went natural, reactions from friends/fam/coworkers, how being natural has effected you/your life
  • questions, comments or concerns regarding natural hair
  • want to do an interview
  • pix of you rocking your 'do
Now I know you fit into at least one of those categories, right? So umm, what's the hold up? Email your submission to me at If you don't have an actual submission but you're interested in being featured, let me know that you're interested and we will go from there. And of course you can tweet me (@kinxnquirx).