Monday, May 17, 2010

"A Transition Story!"

Found this great site that lets you create comic strips/collages, so I figured I'd compile a little pictorial history of my transition so far. (Yeah it's a little vain, I know lol)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who have you inspired?

To go natural, that is...

I don't know of a single woman rocking natural hair that didn't transition due to the influence of another naturalista. (Clearly I'm not talking about those who never had a perm.) For me, it was Jill Scott and five of my line sisters. And of course there were all the ladies rocking hawt natural styles & posting pix on blogs. They all gave me the "that could be me!" feeling.

So now that you're natural or going natural, have you inspired anyone to make that change as well? So far I'ev got two! One of my classmates told me at the beginning of the semester that she was thinking about it and was going to try transitioning for a while to see how she liked it. Last week I came to class and she had a cute, fluffy TWA! And actually it's not so teeny-weeny. For just a few months, it's a pretty good size! Secondly, a lady at my church said that she wants to go natural as well. She plans to transition mostly by wearing braids. I'm happy for them!

So again, who have you inspired? And who inspired you?

(yup, short & sweet today. i'm supposed to be working! lol)