About TGHD & Tori D.

Welcome to The Good Hair Diaries!

For as long as I can remember, I was told that I had "good hair" because it was long and straight... and relaxed. That was always fine, but eventually I got bored and wanted to experiment with my hair. I decided I'd pursue the style I always wanted: the fro! So of course, that meant going natural. TGHD is my story of going from relaxed to natural hair, and the issues associated with it. Trust, it's not as dull as it may sound! It is full of education, self-discovery, conflict, support, and pure fabulousness. This is my little e-spot to tell my little story about how something as simple as a change in my hair could have such a big effect on me.

Tori D.
In short, I'm a study in contradictions. A reticent logophile. Anti-social sorority girl. The hardest working lazy bum ever.
I'm a quarter-lifer, eternal learner,  purveyor of randomness, lover of the kinky and the quirky.

**Am I a professional blogger? Nope. A hair expert? Hardly! I'm just a girl with a keyboard, a healthy curiosity and a head of newly nappy hair. Set your expectations accordingly!**